Yield Farming. NFT Collectibles. Whale Swaps.

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WhaleStreet is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol for ‘Whale Swaps’ - massive, antifragile token swaps.
It features DeFi Collectibles — NFTs that give the holder power to orchestrate swap events.
$hrimp is the native token of this protocol. It is a reward for liquidity providers, is used to bid for and buy DeFi Collectibles.

From the Blog

$hrimp Farming Begins on WhaleStreet
Get to WhaleStreet.xyz and begin farming. To celebrate our liquidity providers, we will distribute 1% of the target supply of $hrimp to those who have added liquidity to the LST-ETH pool on Uniswap until Dec 6.
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Meet $hrimp.
Get $hrimp.
A brand new yield farming token that enables massive token swaps on the WhaleStreet Protocol. This blog describes the tokenomics and distribution strategy for $hrimp.
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